On Learning

Learning is a skill which you acquire as you go about your life. What you learn today might not help you tomorrow, but there will come a day where you might need that knowledge, and you will thank yourself for having learned it.

I believe Albert Einstien said that "as the radius of knowledge increases, the circumfrence of unknown also increases". This underlines the metrics for when you know you're learning: When you realize you dont know something, that is learning. If you live in a bubble where you act upon what you know, you are doomed to an eternity of stagnation, stuck in your safety bubble of the known and concrete. Seek out the unknown! Run away from the comfort and security!

Never miss an opportunity to learn. You cannot learn what you think you already know, so try an always be in a learning mindset. Never assume what you know is correct, always assume you missed something, that there is a deeper understanding to be had by poking at your assumptions. Realizing that you are wrong is hard, but learning the correct way to do something is always better in the long run.