July 2023 Bellevue Film Shoot

A few weeks ago me and my friend went to Bellevue to do some urban shots with our film cameras. I am new to film photography, and was using a second-hand camera that I got for free from a friend, so suffice to say, I had no idea what I was doing.

I've used a DSLR before, but have never used film. I basically put it into auto mode, went shooting, and hoped for the best. Here's what I got.

Shooting with Ektar 100 color film. Images are downscaled to reduce bandwidth, and to keep people from stealing my pictures.


A nice shot of a building with some cool, angular looking windows.


I liked the black and white parts of this building, and that it had very harsh sticky-out bits. Also vines.

I took a whole lot of vertical shots because they kinda just felt right. Don't judge me.


Same as the last shot, but horizontal.


This looked a lot cooler in my head.


I like the vibe of this photo, but my poor friend is hard to see. Other than that I like it.


A lot going on in this one, but I like it.


I don't like this one.


I didn't notice until someone pointed it out, but there are 2 hands in this picture.

Also, I like the texture of the building in the background, reminds me of waffle shirts.


I don't know why I took this one, it's pointed up too high.




A very cool crane shot.


Not a great photo, but you can sorta see these ghost artifacts on the pole and on the concrete. Very weird, very cool.


I love the wobbly glass panes in this one.


Some very nice looking bushes. The cars above are overexposed, but I don't mind.


Not a great picture, I just found it interesting that they would put numbers for each floor on the outside.


A nice cross walk.


A very slanted picture of an intersection.


This was a cool construction site that caught my eye. I just now noticed that there is a big lamp post in the right of the shot, but oh well.


There was road work happening all the way down this road, and about 10 signs all lined up. If I moved a bit higher I probably could've gotten a few more signs.


Another bush. This is a very fancy bush in a fancy strip mall with vallet parking, security guards, and high-end stores for luxury brands like Gucci. We didn't exactly fit in.


More bushes, but near an escalator. This one accidentally lined up nicely with the left edge of the frame, which was nice.


Still in the fancy strip mall. This one turned out great, I like the mix of curves and straight lines.


Same construction site from before, but higher up. These porta-potties where sorta the most eye-catching thing in the frame, so I just decided to make it them the star of the show.


We walked across the highway to go to Uwajimaya. Not a great shot, but I thought I would at least take one highway shot.


This orange construction sign in the woods caught our eyes, so we went to check it out. Not much to see.


A random potted plant in the corner of Uwajimaya. Didn't know how this one would turn out, probably could've gotten a bit closer.


This was harder then it looks. There is less than a foot of space between the start of the mirror and the shelves, so I couldn't get a lot of mirror without leaning way in and making a fool of myself.


A curb outside of the store that looked cool.


My friend.


A cool pedestrian bridge that caught my eye. It turned out great.


My friend again.


An island of grass on an island of asphalt near a highway onramp.


A cool sign with some cool sepia tones.


The same shot as 19 but from across the street. I found it odd that there was this one-story building on this little plot, surrounded by construction, and a skyline backdrop behind that.


Looked better in my head.


The last one. Same position as 13 and 14.


That's it! These pictures turned out a lot better than I expected, which means it only goes downhill from here. Next time I need to go shooting in manual mode. My camera did a great job in auto, but I need to figure out what shutter speed to use (I had my aperture all the way open, so I might want to play with that as well).